News  --   Aqua2use Greywater System Selected as Top-10 Green Product for 2012


Aqua2use Graywater System from Water Wise Group, Inc.

The Aqua2use graywater system collects water from the shower, laundry, lavatory sinks, and bath and channels it through a four-stage filtration system into a 21-gallon, 24" x 15" x 20" high-density polyethylene (HDPE) tank to create water suitable for outdoor irrigation. The system’s control box automatically triggers the pump when the tank is filled to distribute the water to irrigation lines. These systems can also be configured in some situations without a pump, relying on gravity flow. The reusable filters have a 15,000-gallon capacity and should be cleaned every four to six months, depending on use.

What makes this product green?

  • Fixtures and equipment that conserve water

LEED-NC Credit relevance:

  • WE Credit 1: Water Efficient Landscaping
  • WE Credit 2: Innovative Wastewater Technologies