How GWDD fulfills the garden irrigation greywater reuse?  

How Aqua2use® GWDD / (UG) fulfills the needs? -reuse for garden irrigation

1.Function criteria: to remove as much as possible hair, lint, soap scum, sand.

2.Installation criteria : plug and play easy installation, can be installed above ground and underground, depending on the greywater outlet pipe connection. Durable tank for outdoor under the harsh UV exposure conditions.

3.Operation criteria : low operation cost. Low noise level.

4.Maintenance criteria : low maintenance frequency: cleaning only twice per year

5.Regulation criteria : greywater can't be stored in the tank for more than 24hrs. Tank strength tests for aboveground and underground..

√ Matala® Progressive 3-Dimensional Filtration.
√ Systems build-in with inlet outlet connections.
√ Provide Aqua2use® GWDD and UG GWDD for above ground and for
√ Submersible pump with auto-level detecting function.
√ Watermark level 2 certified plus 3rd party tank structure strength