Domestic Greywater Recycling
Domestic Greywater Treatment Systems  

What? :What greywater availability, reuse targets?

Where? : Where will the water be used?

How? : How do our products fulfill the need?

Greywater reuse (water conservation methods) Solution A : provides water for toilet flushing, laundry, car wash, house cleaning and irrigation Solution B : provides water for irrigation only
classification Greywater treatment system Greywater diverter

The Aqua2use® greywater treatment system collects,buffers, treats and disinfects greywater to the standard specified in Australian Health Domestic Greywater Treatment Systems Accreditation Guidelines.

The Aqua2use® greywater diversion device is a system that diverts and filters untreated greywater using Matala® Progressive Filtration , and that provides the filtered greywater to a sub-surface irrigation system via a pump or directly by gravity.
Working principle Mechanical filtration
Biological treatment
Effluent water Disinfection
Mechanical filtration
Main functions Remove grit, hair, lint, sand, soap scum, silt. Redcution of pollutants BOD, COD, SS, turbidity and E. coli disinfection Remove grit, hair, lint, sand, soap scum, silt from greywater, as well as the non-soluble pollutants BOD,COD,SS contained therein.
Effluent water quality BOD<3 mg/L, SS<2 mg/L, E.Coli<1 Orgs /100ml,
Turbidity: 0.47 NTU, pH: 7.9, Conductivity: 497 uS/cm
Aqua2use® GWDD (flow rate 300LPH):
SS influent 473 mg/L, SS effluent 47mg/L
GWDD (flow rate 1380LPH) :
SS influent 680 mg/L, SS effluent 171mg/L
Model type Aqua2use® GWTS 1200 Aqua2use® GWDD, Aqua2use® UG GWDD
Aqua2use® GWTS 1200 Dimensions:
181(L)x 55(W)x 181(H)cm
71(L) x 21(W) x 71(H) inches

Aqua2use® UG GWDD:
80(L) x 60(W) x 66(H) cm
32(L) x 24(W) x26(H) inches

Aqua2use® GWDD:
59(L)x 37(W) x 51(H) cm
23(L) x 15(W)x 20(H) inches