Greywater Diverter (Underground Model)
Gray Water Recycling  

Aqua2use® UG GWDD

Greywater Diverter

Designed for underground installation!

Unit is capable of handling large volumes of graywater.

filters and recycling graywater for garden irrigation!

Aqua2use® greywater diverter captures pre-filters and diverts your water so it recycles bath, shower, wash basin and laundry water which can be used for your lawn and garden. It not only save water, but also reduce the energy for transporting full amount of wastewater to the sewage treatment plant and reduce the energy on pumping the potable water from water supply company to your house.

Therefore, it reduce the carbon dioxide emission, help on the global warming issues.

Aqua2use® UG GWDD is the best grey water recycling system designed for the professional Builder, Plumber or Renovator, it is ideal for under slab or buried applications.

Large 260L capacity, 800 length x 600 wide x 623 height (mm)
Large 86gallons capacity, 31.5 length x 23.6 wide x 24.5 height (in)

Matala® 3D progressive filtration with 4 different porosities filter mats. A technology proven in more than 40 countries worldwide.

allows for connection of 50mm (2”) DWV up to 100mm (4”) DWV greywater waste pipe.

Figure: Transparent view showing all pipe connectionsAqua2use UG GWDD 4

Figure: Top view of Aqua2use UG GWDD – example 4” connections

Aqua2use UG GWDD 4